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Hi. I'm Jim Moffett and I am the proud owner of Jim's "World Famous" Piano Service. We're not really "World Famous"; it just sounds good. Anyway, about eleven years ago I retired from AT&T. I was a big shot executive (not really) and made lots of money (big lie).

Shortly after I retired I became really bored hanging around the house and doing stupid projects where I broke more stuff than I fixed. I knew I needed to come up with something to do or I was going to destroy my whole house. Good thing I hate yard work or I would of destroyed my yard (already destroyed)

Anyway, one typical boring day I was cruising the Internet when I ran across a class on Tuning and Repairing pianos. We had a an old piano that my wife took lessons on as a little girl (really old) and that we hauled around every time we moved. So, I said "Hey, I can learn to tune and repair pianos by using my wife's old piano". I figured, she won't care; she never plays it anyway. I could completely destroy it and she wouldn't even notice. So, I signed up for the course.

The class was really extensive and it took me close to one (1) year to get through all the lessons and complete the tests. I learned the latest techniques for tuning and repair and became familiar with the new innovations in parts and tools. I was much more in the know than local technicians with many years of experience.

Below is my diploma. Click on them to enlarge.

And my letter of praise

While working through the course, I provided free tunings on music store consignment pianos all over town. Once my skills reached a higher level I began to tune music store floor pianos for pay! I then moved on to new piano warranty tunings and finally reached a level where I could tune pianos for home owners. I've been having a good time ever since.

I have been married to my wonderful wife, Gayle for forty five (46) years. I have two (2) fine sons, Jim and Dan. We have two (2) Grandsons and one (1) Granddaughter. Life is good.

          "A tuned piano is a played piano"



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