Hi. I'm Jim Moffett and I am the proud owner of Jim's "World Famous" Piano Service. We're not really "World Famous"; it just sounds good. Anyway, about fifteen (15) years ago I retired from AT&T. I was a big shot executive (not really) and made lots of money (big lie). Shortly after I retired I became really bored hanging around the house and doing stupid projects where I broke more stuff than I fixed. I knew I needed to come up with something to do or I was going to destroy my whole house. Good thing I hate yard work or I would have destroyed my yard (already destroyed).

Anyway, one typical boring day I was cruising the Internet when I ran across a class on Tuning and Repairing pianos. We had a an old piano that my wife took lessons on as a little girl (really old) and that we hauled around every time we moved. So, I said "Hey, I can learn to tune and repair pianos by using my wife's old piano". I figured, she won't care; she never plays it anyway. I could completely destroy it and she wouldn't even notice. So, I signed up for the course.The class was really extensive and it took me close to one (1) year to get through all the lessons and complete the tests. I learned the latest techniques for tuning and repair and became familiar with the new innovations in parts and tools. I was much more in the know than local technicians with many years of experience. 

While working through the course, I provided free tunings on music store consignment pianos all over town. Once my skills reached a higher level I began to tune music store floor pianos for pay! I then moved on to new piano warranty tunings and finally reached a level where I could tune pianos for home owners. 

I've been having a good time ever since.I have been married to my wonderful wife, Gayle for forty five (47) years. I have two (2) fine sons, Jim and Dan. We have two (2) Grandsons and one (1) Granddaughter. Life is good.

Meet the other jim

Hi! My name is Jim, Jr . . .

Don't be surprised to see me at your next tuning, as I prepare to take over the family business.

I've been working really hard to become the next, "World Famous," Piano Tuner.

My schedule is flexible and includes nights and weekends. 

I promise to do my very best.

Ask for Jim, "Junior the Tuner," today!