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Jim's "World Famous" Piano Tuning in San Antonio

Wurlitzer 5'2" Baby Grand - $5500

This Wurlitzer Model C-153 is a 5'2" Baby Grand.

Manufactured in 1998 with a Gorgeous Polished Mahogany Finish.

Ready for you to play with a great responsive action and rich sound.

Price includes One (1) Free tuning after delivery.

Kawai - Console Piano - $850

 Very nice Kawai console.

Manufactured in 1969. 

 Very little wear. 

 Recently tuned. 

Story & Clark Console - $800

Story and Clark Console - 1963  Size: 58" wide 40" high 24" deep.  

Comes with matching bench.

Keys regulated and leveled. Plays perfectly with no sticky keys or need for future investment. Action lubricated and adjusted to ensure even playing to enable you or your kids to play up to your potential 

Pulled apart and cleaned. No critters under the keys or years of dust and mice stuff brought into your house.  Tuned to the recommended pitch of A-440. No need for expensive pitch raises to bring up to the proper pitch for kids to learn. 

Price includes standard delivery ( steps, etc. may result in additional charges).