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"A Tuned Piano is a Played Piano"

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- We go Everywhere !

Our Services

Piano Tuning

Upright Piano

We tune all types of pianos - Uprights, Grands - Old, Very Old, New.  Our goal is to get you playing your piano again! We travel everywhere - "Saving the World One Piano at a Time."

Piano Regulation

All pianos eventually need adjustment - just like a car needs a tune up.  The thousands of moving parts become sticky, sluggish, and temperamental.  We can get your piano responding like new again. - No Problem!

Piano Repair

We travel with all our supplies and tools in our truck, "The J-Tune." It's known as a  PRV, or "Piano Repair Vehicle," and has everything we need to fix the majority of issues on the spot. - One and Done!

Piano Refinishing

We strip sand the old finish to bare wood and repair any veneer damage.  We'll re-stain to your taste and apply a clear lacquer finish.  We also polish the brass and metal parts and affix a new decal to match the original.

Service includes free tuning after delivery

Call 210-441-9944 or email today for a price quote.  Allow 3-4 weeks to complete.

Pianos for Sale

We usually have pianos for sale.  All our pianos are professionally cleaned, regulated, tuned, and ready for a happy home.  Take a look at our selection then give us a call to arrange a viewing.

jim's piano service


  • Over 18 years of experience!
  • Many, many delighted customers
  • Ten Tons of happy pianos!

- Jim Moffett

"World Famous" Piano Technician


This is the truck we use to service San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Comfort, Kerrville, Bulverde, Spring Branch, Seguin, Floresville and the entire Texas Hill Country. Actually we go everywhere.**

** Mileage May Apply

Family Owned

We are a Family Owned & Operated business. Here's my son, Jim, Jr., who devotes 100% of his time to the family business.  He is dedicated to ensuring Jim's Piano Service remains the Best Tuning & Repair Service available.

"A Tuned Piano is a Played Piano"

Why you should use Jim for your next Piano Tuning:

  • Jim shows up on time and always calls ahead.
  • Jim likes kids and dogs (not so much cats, but I will show up anyway).
  • Jim does not need to be fed or watered (will accept frozen margarita's with salt).
  • Jim does a quality job in a little over an hour.
  • Jim uses a unique tuning method so the piano holds it's tune longer.
  • Jim has been through extensive training and can fix most pianos on the spot.
  • Jim has a big truck full of piano parts and tools so your piano receives timely repair.
  • Jim is a great guy and some people like him.

I "CUSTOM" tune your piano using the latest computer technology. Your tuning is then checked and tweaked, by ear, to ensure your piano sounds it's best. Each tuning includes a "Pre-Tuning" inspection where I visually inspect your piano's case, keys, action, strings, soundboard, bridges, backframe and plate. I check and tighten your piano bench bolts, pinblock bolts, and all accessible plate screws. Also, I check and adjust all pedals.  

Why you should tune your Piano:

Plenty of at-home practice is crucial if you want to be great at piano. No matter how many private piano lessons you take, you absolutely must dedicate time outside of the lesson if you want to be a great pianist .  Unfortunately, many students play on older, outdated and, worst of all, out-of-tune pianos.  This not only makes it harder to learn, it can also slow their development as a player.

Question: Will my piano need a pitch raise?

Most pianos are designed to sound best when tuned to A-440 (the A above middle C vibrates at 440 cycles per second), the international pitch standard.  Pianos that have not been tuned in a long time drop in pitch. A piano with its pitch too low sounds dull and lacks brilliance. It is impossible to play with other instruments and it hampers the musical progress of any student who regularly practices on it.

Question: Why is a pitch raise necessary?

When the tension of each string on your piano is raised back up to pitch, the additional load on the piano's structure causes the pitch of previously adjusted strings to change.  The only way to achieve a fine, accurate tuning on your piano is to have the tension of all the strings so close to their proper place that altering the tension of one string would not affect the others.  Therefore, a piano must already be fairly close to standard pitch in order to be finely tuned.  

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